Each company is unique but when it comes to German market entry and expansion we see the same themes coming up for our clients

Information – a Scottish financial services company needed to understand if there is a market in Germany for its specialist services. Our Munich market research partner carried out a quick scan of potential customers which included expert interviews. The client received the research report and a list of targets for follow-up.

Business Development – an Indian manufacturer of magnesium components for the automotive and aerospace sectors decided to establish two companies in Germany with a view to setting up a production facility. We organised the company set-up and provided financial administration support. We then identified a suitable production facility and engaged a recruitment company to employ the initial staff.

Strategy – a UK university had the idea to licence its extensive portfolio of distance learning courses to German customers. We scoped out the market and decided to target the 130 private universities in Germany rather than public universities. Six of these were keen to discuss and we arranged and attended meetings for our client.

Support – a fast-growing online business in the UK wished to expand operations to Germany on a remote basis. We formed the GmbH, facilitated the opening of a German bank account and now provide ongoing business administration support for a very successful German venture.