David Scrimgeour MBE, M.A., LL.B. (Founder)

A Scottish lawyer who has lived in the south of Germany since 1990, David Scrimgeour is an expert on corporate strategy and communications. He has consulted with a wide range of German and international companies on business development, restructuring and market strategies.

David has established an extensive network of trusted German business partners and contacts. He has also worked extensively with governments and government agencies in the UK, Continental Europe and North America on behalf of corporate clients and in the promotion of Foreign Direct Investment.

David is the Managing Director of DS Consulting GmbH in Munich and founder of the British-German Business Network. He speaks English and German. Contact David.

Christopher McGinty B.A. (Comb. Hons) (Co-Founder)

Christopher McGinty is an experienced international investment and business manager and entrepreneur. He has lived and worked in Tokyo, London, Glasgow, Zurich and Munich.

Christopher offers specialist expertise and experience in international financial services, including multi-jurisdictional regulation and compliance, as well as in the creative industries, especially film and TV production, finance and distribution. He has particular expertise in business administration and the essential practicalities of setting up new businesses, whatever sector they operate in. He speaks English & German. Contact Christopher